Shadowing of The North Canada Tour 2019 w/ Majestic Downfall, Helevorn

May 8 – Victoria, BC – Logan’s Pub
May 9 – Nanaimo, BC – The Cambie
May 10 – Vancouver, BC – Astoria Hastings
May 11 – Kelowna, BC – Munnin’s Post
May 12 – Lethbridge, AB – The Slice
May 13 – Regina, SK – The Exchange
May 14 – Winnipeg, MB – The Park Theatre
May 16 – Sudbury, ON – The Asylum
May 17 – Toronto, ON – Duffy’s Tavern
May 18 – Ottawa, ON – Cafe Dekcuf
May 19 – Quebec City, QC – L’Anti Bar
May 20 – Trois-Rivieres, QC – Tavern Royale
May 21 – Montreal, QC – Piranha Bar


Just when spring begins to peak in the Great White North, Majestic Downfall (Mexico) and Helevorn (Spain) will arrive from warmer lands to plunge the country back into the cold and dreary atmosphere that Canadians are accustomed to with their individual styles of melodic and melancholic doom metal. Both bands have released impressive albums recently that have caught the attention of media around the world. Now, Canadian metalheads will have the chance to experience the live acts from these well-regarded bands.

Helevorn released "Aamamata" in January 2019 and following in the veins of Draconican and Swallow the Sun. Heavy and dreary, it has enough variation and self-expression to keep from being dull.

“Aamamata is an experience that oozes with desolation and gloom, yet still provides that slightly uplifting feeling at the end of the day. Bone-crushing riffs that reverberate with emotion join up with some more introspective moments (see “Goodbye, Hope”) to bring in the contrast that bands like Daylight Dies and Novembers Doom have done so well, yet the structuring of both gives Helevorn a little wiggle room to reach for their own sweet spot.” – Dead Rhetoric

Majestic Downfall unleashed "Waters of Fate" in December of 2018 and the six-track album is recommended for fans of My Dying Bride and old Katatonia. As their fifth studio release, they bring finesse and emotion back into the genre.

“The sound of these Mexicans improved in industrial proportions and this innovative and varied approach to their music, presents the extreme and melancholic detail that Doom/Death Metal left forgot long ago.” –

Doom and death metal fans are invited to witness these acts across the desolate North.


Majestic Downfall

For fans of Old Anathema, My Dying Bride, old Katatonia, Phlebotomized, Forgotten Tomb
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Majestic Downfall started as a one-man doom journey in August of 2006. The idea was to recapture the feeling of the 90s European death/doom metal scene, while mixing it with some more modern metal overtones. In 2007, MAjestic Downfall pressed its first demo titled – “The First Abyss Demo 2007” which was later released in a split with Italian black/doom metal band Ansia.

On April 6th, 2009, Majestic Downfall released its debut full-length album, “Temple of Guilt”. This time the music contained a darker edge full of sorrow and new influences from bands like Shining and Forgotten Tomb. 2011 saw the release of “The Blood Dance” album which contained 7 sorrowful passages with an even darker edge than Temple of Guilt. The “Three” album was released in 2013 and this time the sound contained even more experimentation in the music but without staying too far away from the band's musical roots. 2015 sees the release of “…When Dead”, an album that is not only the bands most diverse output incorporating lots of influences outside doom metal, but one that also and for the first time has an important backing label.

In 2018, “Waters of Fate”, was released in 3 different continents by 3 different labels. It is mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Portrait, Mayhem) at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm, Sweden and definitely more and more opportunities in all areas coming along the way for the band.

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For fans of Draconian, Swallow The Sun, Paradise Lost 

Melancholic doom outfit Helevorn started in 1999 in Palma, Spain, and has been exhibiting their elegant and gloomy music around the world ever since.

They began their journey with a demo in 2000, “Prelude” that featured female vocals and followed the gothic doom formula. They were quickly accoladed by the press and they dove into writing, gigging and recording. In 2005 the first full length “Fragments” was released.

In 2006 they were asked to contribute to the Katatonia tribute “December Songs” and released the second studio album in 2009 “Forthcoming Displeasures”. This release saw their musical style evolve into a more intense and heavy sound, more forceful and deep. “Compassion Forlorn” was released in 2014, and was accompanied by a music video for “Burden Me”.

With more and more fans craving the somber tones and dreary vocals, Helevorn brought their dramatic intensity to many European festivals including Dutch Doom Days, Gothoom Open Air, Wave Gotik Treffen, and Madrid is the Dark Fest.

The fourth studio album “Aamamata” was released on January 23, 2019.

Vinyl and CD order of “Aamamata” on HELEVORN's online store here and Solitude Productions here

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