As you may or may not have heard, Uli Jon Roth's "Triple Anniversary World Tour" entire North American dates have been postponed - not canceled - for reasons beyond our control.

We are waiting to hear the new dates from management and this should happen in the next few weeks. Once the new dates are announced, all tickets purchased for the originally scheduled date will continue to be valid.

If the new dates cannot work for your plans, we will enable refund requests at the point of purchase for those tickets purchased before today. Until then, we appreciate your patience and your support through the years.

J.J. at SCRAPE Records and Mayo at The Invisible Orange.


Update From Uli Jon Roth's official page (June 15, 2018):

Dear Friends,

Good news!!!
I finally got the US work Visa today, and it's valid for 3 years!

Too late for this tour, BUT we are now rescheduling all the North American dates for October and November. We would love to see you there !!!
We will start posting the rescheduled dates as soon as we have the first of these confirmed.

Meanwhile, I'm going to make great use of the unexpected free time resulting from the Visa delay; I shall be busy over the Summer, recording some new music in the studio for you, something which has long been overdue. Every cloud has a silver lining...

Stay tuned, my friends!

Previous Announcement From Uli Jon Roth's official page (June 8, 2018):

Dear Friends,

We’re very sorry, but our Tour of North America will have to be postponed now until a later date.

We are forced to do this, because our work Visas unfortunately didn’t get issued on time to do this tour. As soon as we have the Visas cleared we will set up replacement dates and will keep you posted. All VIP passes will remain valid indefinitely until we get to play these shows. We hope that your schedule allows you to attend these new dates!

We were all really looking forward to playing this special Triple Anniversary program for you!
But I promise we will make this happen as soon as possible.

The Visa situation has been getting worse year after year in recent times and this makes it very difficult for foreign artists to perform in the US now. The same thing is currently happening to a lot of other artists, too, and several tours like ours had to be cancelled last minute at great expense to the bands and their American partners.
We were told, the percentage of work Visas to the US not being issued on time has suddenly increased by 1400 % (!!!) since February this year… If this is true, this figure speaks for itself. It seems, now for the first time, we are caught out by this, too. (There was a Visa delay on a tour with Yngwie in 2014 which resulted in a cancellation for me, but that was because of technical reasons and the Visa was not denied.)

We have played everything by the book, applied as early as we could, paid to have our Visas expedited, employed the best immigration attorneys, have moved mountains, jumped through a veritable amount of hoops and STILL got delayed this year so far! …

We are confident that the Visas will come through sooner or later, but until then we must be patient and move on to other things. I know that some of you had already booked flights and hotels, which must be very disappointing and annoying. I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you!

Please keep your fingers crossed that we receive the work Visas soon!
Stay tuned!

Your friend