Absolute Underground's annual Punk Rock Bowling issue featuring interviews with Suicidal Tendencies, Zero Boys, Agnostic Front, Angelic Upstarts, Bad Co Project, Steve Ignorant of Crass, Mark Stern, Old Firm Casuals, Masuimi Max, Grindline the Band, The Faction, Zach Blair, Paranoid Visions, and GBH. We also feature an in-depth Slayer retrospective.

Also in this issue:

  • Euthanized
  • Roadrash
  • Vile Insignia
  • Return of the Leech
  • Artist Profile – Logan “Old Goat” Robb
  • Chernobyl Wolves
  • Godfathers of Hardcore Movie
  • Anthrax
  • Absolute Horror - Stephen King
  • Punk Rock Bolwing Alley Encounters
  • Armstrong Metalfest
  • The Stiffs 1978
  • Covenant Festival
  • Absolute Subculture
  • Metalocalypstick Festival
  • Shred Session - Joe Buffalo

Download Here:
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