Mexico's LOST NEBULA Announce Canadian Tour Dates (BC/AB/SK/ON)

L-R - Harry Gonzalez - Bass, José Durazo - Drums, Quetzalín Domínguez - Vocals, Alejandro Olea - Guitar, Julio Becerra - Guitar

Photo Credit - Blaq Studio

Lost Nebula from Hermosillo, Mexico brings their original powerful metal to Canada for the first time in July. Born in 2013, Lost Nebula was formed from the remnants of a project that bassist Harry Gonzales began years earlier. Rich with style and composition their sound can be described as melodic, mysterious and powerful. No stranger to the stage they have several festivals and tours on their resume, both locally and internationally, and have released two albums and three music videos. Each song has different passages on it, yet the style the band has to offer is still recognizable. Nice and listenable, but it can even satisfy cravings in the heavy echelon of metal. Now the band is set to conquer Canada, trekking across the country from West to East to share their flavour of progressive power metal with fans.

Music Video - Free Will -

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July 11 - Kelowna, BC - Munnin's Post
July 12 - Vancouver, BC - Astoria Hastings
July 15 - Victoria, BC - Logan's Pub
July 16 - Nanaimo, BC - The Cambie
July 17 - Kamloops, BC - The Grindhouse Cafe
July 18 - Calgary, AB - Distortion
July 19 - Edmonton, AB - Bohemia
July 20 - Regina, SK - The Exchange
July 21 - Saskatoon, SK - Black Cat Tavern
July 24 - Sudbury, ON - The Asylum
July 25 - Toronto, ON - Coalition
July 27 - Quebec City, QC - La Source de La Martiniere
July 28 - Ottawa, ON - Cafe Deckuf
July 29 - Montreal, QC - Piranha Bar


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Harry (bass), before starting Lost Nebula, had a progressive rock project named EVA, which after being dissolved left some ideas for new songs. Harry continued working over these ideas, and eventually, he reunited with Quetzalin (vocals), so they could write the lyrics and melodies for the vocals in order to finish the songs and record them. During the writing process, the wish of becoming a serious band was revived with plans to tour, and to record material to share it with the world, a band to simply enjoy the art of making music. That’s when Julio (guitar) and two others were recruited to complete the band. That line produced two albums, Qualia EP (2014) and Stories Set in the Future (2016) but 2017 saw Alex taking on guitar duties and José on drums. The single Time Travel Paranoia was released March of 2018, ahead of the band's first tour of Canada.

In reference to the band's drive, Harry quotes: “It was very important for us to not leave a song without a meaning, a message, and something positive to be left within the listener. We are also inspired by the huge amounts of negativity heard in the media, we believe we have the mission of delivering positivity through our music.”

“Lost Nebula uses strong melodies to enchant the listener while making sure the riffs stimulate the brain. Equally enchanting are vocalist, who has plenty of charisma and presence. An absolutely fantastic combination of great female vocals, classic metal vibes, and progressive/modern riffage” – Dead Rhetoric 

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